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Mint vs Forekash

Search the web or an app store for budgeting apps, and Mint is bound to be mentioned. The number 1 difference is that Mint looks at your past transactions ("accounting"), while Forekash is about the future ("budgeting").

Let's compare Mint and the new kid on the block, Forekash.

Bank Accounts & Banking Credentials

Mint: Requires your banking credentials.

Forekash: No bank account needed. No banking credentials required. No private customer data required.

Past Transactions

Mint: Uses your retrieved banking transactions for analysis of your recent spending, aka "accounting" (not "budgeting").

Forekash: Overanalysis of your past transactions isn't necessary for your future spending. It's a starting point, but that's it. That would be like meal planning next week based on what you ate last month. You set your plan (planning is about the future) according to how you want or hope to spend your money ....and then do your best to stick to your plan. That's it. That is incredibly manageable. No plan is perfect, bills vary and unexpected expenses come along. All that matters is your current balance, your future plan, and you doing your best to stick to it.

Expense Tracking

Mint: Focuses on "expense tracking" after the money is already gone.

Forekash: Forekash doesn't track expenses, it focuses on future spending and your future cash flow, so you can see and avoid cash flow issues before they happen. If you can see your money's future, you can change that future.

Automatic Updates

Mint: Regularly connects to your bank to retrieve and categorize your transactions. It is well documented that those automatic updates can mis-categorize your transactions and there can be intermittent connectivity issues retrieving your transactions.

Forekash: No connection to any third-party, and you categorize your future transactions however you want. Each night, your budget "rolls forward" according to the plan you set. While Mint uses your bank credentials, Forekash just uses "math".

Future Cash Flow

Mint: n/a

Forekash: It is ALL about your future daily cash flow. The future cash balance graphs can be tapped, touched, pinched, zoomed, and scrolled. You don't just see your future cash flow, you can engage with it. Select the "365 Days" date range and see your future balance any day over the next year!

Verdict :

Mint's forte is "monitoring your spending". Let that sink in.

Regardless of how you budget, it should fit you and your style.

Your money and your finances are important, and Forekash hopes to help everyone take control of their finances in a very simple, straightforward, and "Privacy Positive" way.

Optimism is about looking forward with a positive outlook and a positive plan. If that sounds like a fit with your personality, give budgeting with Forekash a try and discover for yourself why the future is the "best budgeting period" and intentionally not like other budgeting apps.

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