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Forekash was designed as a solution for your business.

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Insights Examples:

  • A business that lends money can display an Insight about a loan product ONLY when a person in an age range > 18, has low short-term cash flow, but positive long-term cash flow.

  • A business that offers a card product with direct deposit can surface a custom Insight when there is a low balance around payday so the customer could "get paid early". (Insights can link to external pages "for more info"!)

  • Any financial services company can turn seasonal product and service-related messages in the Insights area on and off at any time, with results displayed in the app immediately.

  • Insights can also be in the form of coupons for local or national restaurants and shops, providing instant value to your customer base and giving extra incentive to use your app.

  • Insights can be customized for educational purposes as well, from displaying Financial Literacy topics to app users under the age of 18 (for example), to retirement strategies for those of a certain age or stage in life. You control the external link associated with each Insight, whether it is content on your site or one you have authorized.  

For more on how your app "Powered by Forekash" can benefit you and your audience, Contact 

If you can get your customers to read and respond to email and texts these days, you are ahead of the game.  Most folks ignore, delete, and worst of all OPT OUT of these communications, even when it is a company they do business with daily.  There is simply too much blasting of messages to customers, and most of the time it is irrelevant and annoying to the customer. 

What if you could directly provide targeted messaging relevant to your customers exactly when they need the product or information the most?

When your app is "Powered by Forekash", you provide your customers incredible 365-day cash forecasting for their budget plus "Insights" about their cash flow that you control through the Forekash A.I. engine, all while maintaining customer privacy.  

Insights for each customer can feature your products and services, financial literacy topics, coupons for your products or local shops, and more.

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