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A Privacy Positive App is Born

Rather than asking "what do other apps do?", Forekash asked "what should apps do?" The answer is "collect no more data than is necessary to provide the service."

That's where the idea of a "Privacy Positive" app was born. While most apps collect as much data as possible, Forekash requires the bare minimum.

Users do not need a bank account and do not have to enter bank credentials. Users provide no government id, no date-of-birth, no address. If the "Insights" are to be relevant, however, the Forekash user may indicate optional, broad categories such as age range, country, and state. This is the only data needed to allow the simple rules-based A.I. to surface age- and location-appropriate Insights. The youngest age range will see more financial literacy topics than retirement topics, for example.

This "Privacy Positive" approach keeps private data out of the Forekash system completely. Unlike most every other app out there, Forekash believes that if a user's private data isn't collected, then it cannot be sold, shared, or stolen.



















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