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The "Shape" of Your Budget??!

Let's be honest, there aren't necessarily "new" concepts in budgeting. There might be new ways to think about longstanding concepts, though. For example...

Take Dave Ramsey's "Every Dollar" app and the concept of "giving every dollar a job". That is the same as YNAB's "budget to zero".

How does Forekash express this same idea? A picture. People like pictures. If a budget "goes up" too much, there is money not accounted for. That is the same concept, but a different way to express it. Where will that extra money go? Will it be wasted or saved?

That extra money's destiny is up to the user and his/her priorities, but conventional wisdom says to save more in an emergency fund, retirement, or for something that fits your situation.

Once that extra money is accounted for, the budget is then more "flat" over the long-term. Sure, there are still the daily ups and downs, but we are talking over the long-term here, and fortunately Forekash will show you a 365-day view of your future cash flow. A long-term "flat" budget means you have a solid plan for all your money...and THAT is the best budget!

Enjoy the view!


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