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Forekash Budgeting (Using Your Future Cash Flow!)

Forekash does a "180" from other budgeting apps that focus on your past transactions. Budgeting is about planning what you will spend in the future...everything else is just "analysis" of the past.

It's great to learn from your past transactions to get started with your budget, but after that you should be looking forward, and that's where existing budgeting apps fall short. A budget should be future-focused, and that is exactly what Forekash is built for!

Here's the key: Once you setup your budget, either manually or by creating one instantly from one of the example age/career-stage budgets, use the Forecast charts to see what shape your budget is in. Even a good monthly budget can have cash flow problems just due to the timing of your income & expenses.

If you see your budget is going "downhill", Forekash will provide "Insights" about increasing your income and reducing your expenses.

If you see your budget is goi

ng "uphill", great, but... you have some money that isn't being planned for. A complete budget takes into account your complete money situation, and one that goes "uphill" too much actually has room for improvement. Congratulations that your income exceeds your expenses, but putting some of that aside for the unexpected or for rare expenses (or even for investing) would complete your budget. Some budgeting apps will say "budget to 0" or "give every dollar a job", but with Forekash you can just see that an "uphill" budget has extra money that can be saved. It is the same concept, but there are so many people that prefer seeing a picture versus looking at a bunch of numbers (and that's OK!).

Forekash is budgeting for the future, and the future is what we like to call the "best budgeting period", not the past!

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